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So I'm in Switzerland for a month, having completed my MSc with Distinction. I am now a Master of Science! Be afraid....

Spent the last weekend running around a lovely wooded campsite for EOS, in various gribbly monster guises, as well as the usual terrified villager and pointy eared ones. I also had a lovely time visiting people in London before hand, and did enjoy trying out this sitting-around-a-table-fighting-dragons thing. Might even try it again.

My current to-do list is: revise for driving theory test, learn more french, get good at househunting for returning to London mid-november, perfect CV and start applying for jobs for then, do some more creative writing now I have the time, crack open the sketchbook to see if I can still draw(or if I ever could!) and explore this city and its surrounding area. There's montains, Mountains, Gandalf!

But first? I'm going to open my birthday present. And by that, I mean DragonAge 2. And by open, I mean dive headfirst into it and glorify in having nothing else to do but play :D
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Torture by transect

I've spent a decent amount of time now revising/enduring for my field course exam, 'how to count things and make the stats dance' a.k.a Conservation and Biodiversity. Of course this has been interrupted by books, facebook, the discovery that BBC iplayer was has films and subsequently watching 'The Chronicles of Narnia(LWW)'. There goes the 'will develop work ethic' part of resolutions I may or may not have made! On the plus side, I have resisted breaking into the game Torchlight which was gifted me :) and have that to look forward to from this time tomorrow. And the time this term in which I shall be doing nothing: Field courses are definitely worth it for the module off!

/cease ramble. Am back in London, much fun was had in the hols, exam tomorrow and then FREEDOM....for a bit at least.
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I don't seem to have said anything for a while. And I should be revising. Therefore I am posting.

Having had a fairly hectic term, revision period has started at last and I spent most of last week in an ecology filled daze. Unfortunately, this may have used up my entire work ethic-that or the weekend I spent in a field near Long Eaton in a different having spent monday sleeping it off RL has kicked in and the slog begins again. 3 weeks till term is over, then I shall be off to Silwood park for my yummy field course!

Freedom. I has it.

w00t for ecology. Not only have I handed in lots of project work and therefore am likely to yell less, I have some really interesting lectures and an essay title to die for. Also, creative writing workshoppers didnt rip my piece to shreds! Yay!
Plus, Twilight! Thanks to Cathos for indulging in girly filmness, Edward does grow on you...
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Spare room, anyone?

I find myself about to be lacking a housemate...
Thats right, my crazy biologist is skipping out on us having grovelled for quite some time and given many excuses. We are to be Kasialess at the end of February.

So if anyone is wanting a room/knows of someone to whom this is of interest, please let me know?
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